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It’s a City in the northern part of Uganda, known as the Acholi land. Its located in the northern Region of Kampala City and its 333Kilometres from Kampala.

It’s a meeting place for people from Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan.


Gulu benefits greatly from the Tourism Industry as Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley are close to the City. There are a number of Lodges and Hotels in the city which accommodate the tourists and other closely related facilities are utilized by the guests.

Gulu has an Airstrip used by both the Military and the Civilians for a landing strip and their plans of revamping the Airstrip to an International Standard by the Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Works and Transport.


Gulu is a marketing center for the agricultural products produced in the northern parts of Uganda. The main produces are cotton, tea, coffee, maize, sorghum, tobacco, Sesame oil, and Cigarettes are manufactured in the city. Gulu has a large number of refugee camps and the refugees are permanently settled since the 1960s.These are Sundaneses, Rwandese and Congolese.

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